GHP Details

Building analysis features

1.        Area of plot                       =       340,00 sqmt

2.       Area of building                  =       124,30 sqmt

3.       Area available                    =       216.00 sqmt

4.       % covered                        =       36%

5.      Parking space mimium of 4 car at once

6.      Combine septic tank and soak-away (detachated)

7.       Lounge                             =       20.00 sqmt

8.      Dining                              =       6.00 sqmt

9.       Kitchen with provision for store       =11.40 sqmt

11.       Master bedroom                =       16.40sqmt

12.      Master bedroom toilet         =       2.70 sqmt

13.      bedroom (each)               =       11.50 sqmt

18.     bedroom toilet                   =       3.15 sqmt

14.      in build B/Q                    =       7.00 sqmt

15.     in build B/Q toilet             =       2.60 sqmt

16.     Visitors toilet                             =        1.50 sqmt

17.      Entrance                           =       2.60 sqmt

Finishing features

  1. Block work :  vibrated 9” hollow sandcrete block for sub-structure and 6”  hollow sandcrete block for super-structure.
  2. Concrete work : high yield bar reinforcement for column,chain beam and linte.
  3. Roof work:  treated hard wood for roof timber and 0.45 gauge Long span aluminium (terracota colour) roof covering with corrugated facial cover.
  4. floor, wall and ceiling finishing :12mm cement and sand rendering to wall, artwork to window hood, pop to entrance column, toilet and  kitchen floor and wall finished with ceramic tiles.
    dining, lounge and entry floor finished with vitrified tiles with skirtting. ceiling finished with Nigerite asbestors ceiling boards @ 600 centres
  5. Door: Metal security doors

Fitting & fixtures : Povision for wardobe (No wardrobe and kitchen cabinet)

  1. Electrical work: All electrical work together with lighting and accessories    are  MEM England, (etn)distrubation box and nigeria cable metal.kitchen :  cooker unit, one light point and one 13Amps socket.

Master’s bedroom : one socket for  13/15 Amps,one light point,two wall brack & one point  for fan.

Master’s toilet : 13 Amps socket, water beater unit, one lighting point.

Bedrooms : two socket 13/15Amps,one lighting  point, two wall brack & one point for fan.

Lounge/ Dining :four wall bracket, two light point,two points for fan,  two socket 13/15Amps & dstv cable socket

B/Q :  one light point, 13 Amps sockets & one wall brack 4 security light points.

Mechanical work :

master’s toilet: wash hand basin, twyford w/c (England ) & bath top

Visitor’s toilet: wash hand basin and twyford water closet

bedroom toilet & B/Q toilet : wash hand basin, twyford w/c and shower drainage.

Kitchen : single sink & one external tap.

Aluminum work: Cream coloured casement aluminum window (each window divided into 6panels)

Painting and Decoration : internal painting with emulsion & external painting with  textured painting.




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